Armed Forces Thanksgiving Celebrates our Nations Freedom

July 1, 2020

To Our Friends of the Armed Forces,

On July 4th, we will commemorate the anniversary of our country’s independence. As the nation celebrates the holiday, it is easy to forget the many sacrifices it takes each day to protect the liberty our founding fathers secured so many years ago.  It is community members like you who realize the freedoms we enjoy are a result of the tremendous sacrifices our military personnel have made to maintain our freedoms.

Though Covid-19 kept us from celebrating our local military men and women in person this past May at our 5th Annual Armed Forces Thanksgiving, we still collected just under $80,000 in donations from our generous table sponsors so that we could continue to provide critical support to the West Michigan Veterans Coalition.  These donations will be directly applied to programs that provide an array of services and scholarships for our veterans and their families in West Michigan, including:

  • Assistance seeking civilian employment
  • Assistance with transportation needs 
  • Support for suicide prevention
  • Emergency relief for living expenses and needs resulting from the COVID-19 crisis 

Please take a minute and view this short video of thanks from our board and community for your support.  We look forward to celebrating in-person with you next year – please Save the Date for May 21, 2021.

May God bless you and may God bless America,

Peter Ruppert                                                              John Irwin

Fusion Education Group                                            Huntington Bank

Chairman                                                                      Chairman